Saturday, May 31, 2008


I've thrown out my couch and rearranging my front
room into my studio. I removed all the curtains.
There is frosted mac tac on the windows, they are
street level so can't have anyone seeing in.
Lots of light now.
The side street runs right into my window, which is
a poison arrow so painting this Pau Kau shape will
ward of any of them into my apartment.
I am arrange my studio with Feng Shui...
I have to paint a ying and yang sign in the middle
and I should be finish, them can move my desk under
my window. I also got 3 more shelving unites for all
of my supplies...

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Tonniece said...

Looooooking Gooooood in there Di.
Great window pane, Loveing it

platitudinal said...

I can see that you've been very busy and feng-shui conscious :) It looks lovely!