Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Finally I can post these....
The Ladies in my group and I did
a fabric page swap.
We all did our favorite flowers.
I have some very talented Ladies
in my group, true artist as you will
see below. I'm making it into a book.
This is truly my most treasured gift
I have recieved.
I always wanted to colaberate my art
with others and here it is..
1 Dianne
2 Carol Clasper
3 Carol J
4 Terry
I love them all
Terry's I have to say is my favorite
and the first on she ever did, she
also sent 2 pics of her beautiful grandaughter
who is on the front and her inspiration..

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Anonymous said...

see here

Anonymous said...

See here

Jenny said...

Dianne thanks for posting these, they are awesome! Huge hugs from Downunder.